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How to sew pointe shoe ribbons and elastic.

"How to sew pointe shoe ribbons and elastic.  Drawings courtesy of Russian Pointe from their book MY FIRST POINTE SHOES A PARENTS' GUIDE"

First, cut each pointe shoe ribbon in half.  Next, cut each half in half again, giving you four equal-sized ribbons. Then, singe the ends of the ribbons with a match or use nail polish to prevent fraying.

pointe shoe ribbons and elastic

To sew on the elastic, mark about 1/2 inch from the seam at the back of the shoe.  Cut the elastic in half.  Sew one end of the elastic onto the shoe where marked.  Sew straight across first, then use a hem stitch to sew around the edge of the elastic.  Next, the dancer should put on the shoe to ascertain how tightly the other end of the elastic should be sewn. Pin the elastic to the shoe. To be certain that the elastic fits correctly, have the dancer stand and go on pointe. Then, repeat for the second shoe.

Using a stitch kit by Capezio or Suffolk will make the process easier, as these kits contain stronger needles and flossed thread.

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